Safe Leg Exercises During Pregnancy

Safe Leg Exercises During Pregnancy

If you want to improve your performance of any kind, you must control your rest as well as your work. On the other hand, if you rest too much, you will not have done enough work to improve your performance. So to find the right balance between your performance and your recovery, you must observe your accomplishments on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, and determine at which points your performance failed to improve. Those failures are the result of either too much work and not enough recovery or too little work and too much recovery.

We see both of these problems when our clients first come to us. Take for example, Michael, a 55-year-old urological surgeon, who came to us complaining of fatigue. He was performing two surgeries a day. Whereas he used to be able to do this without a problem, now he was completely exhausted at the end of the day.

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He attributed this decline to aging, however we immediately saw that he had poor posture; was at least 50 pounds overweight; was breathing heavily, and looked intense but tired. He also spoke very quickly almost nonstop. In talking to him, we discovered that he jogged or swam an hour a day; his diet was full of fat and sugar; his meals were sporadic, and he was not sleeping well. While he was performing surgery, he said, his lower back and shoulders hurt. Since he often had to make life-and- death decisions, he was concerned that his physical problems might ultimately reduce his mental clarity.

The first thing we told him was that he needed to become stronger, because everything he was doing was making him weaker. To begin with, he should stop jogging and swimming, because they were only reducing his muscle mass. He insisted that swimming was his only source of relaxation and asked if there was any way he could keep doing it. We suggested that he mostly swim for pleasure, but that if he really wanted to use it for occasional exercise, he should alternate swimming every lap with two minutes of rest, and that he do no more than ten laps in a session. Next, we put him on The Happy Body exercise and nutrition program to increase his strength, muscle size, and flexibility, and to improve his posture, and to reduce his weight. Finally, we taught him several relaxation techniques.

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