Salambhasana, Shalabasana Pose Yoga

The eight aspects, or astanga limbs, of yoga are the yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadbi. Salambhasana, Shalabasana Pose Yoga The yamas and niyamas are codes of moral and social conduct. The yamas are comprised of consideration toward all living things, and the ability to communicate with sensitivity, non-violence, moderation in all our actions, and non-greediness. The niyamas comprise cleanliness, contentment, the removal of impurities in the mind and body, study and reverence to a higher intelligence, or the acceptance of our limitations in relation to God. Salambhasana, Shalabasana Pose Yoga In the asanas, one gains the dual qualities of alertness and relaxation without tension. These qualities, achieved by recognizing and observing the reactions of the body and breath to various postures, can help an individual endure and even minimize the external influences on the body, such as climate, diet, and work. They are also a way to reduce physical avidya misunderstanding, because the body is an expression of the mind and its misapprehensions. In addition, asana practice also teaches us about the breath and how it behaves.

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