Second Chakra Yoga Poses

Second Chakra Yoga Poses

Britain and the British are not perfect but our spirit is worth copying. I hope you enjoy the flag and the slogan from the old country!!!

Why do we get so obsessed or emotional about what other people think about us? Their opinion is just that. THEIR opinion. It is not your opinion, it is just theirs.

Think about going to watch a film with a group of friends or members of your family. Generally you will all remember different parts of the film. Some will love it and others will not like it at all. You all saw the same film but everyone has a different opinion. It is not right or wrong, it is just an opinion.

And you are “entitled” to yours. It is OK to be different.

Try to look at others opinions in a positive light. From the film example, if I go and see a film with my wife she will give me a different perspective to what I have just seen. She provokes my thoughts. She may say that the film was dreadful and I may defend it if I have enjoyed it. However, by discussion we feed off of each other to round off our opinions and produce a more balanced view.

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