Secrets for a Balanced Life

The One Show presenter, 38, shares her secrets for a balanced life

How often do you exercise?

‘I try to exercise three times a week. I don’tbelong to a gym – I can’t think of anythingworse than running on a treadmill and goingnowhere! I like to get out in the fresh air earlyin the morning for a run. I’m not a distancerunner; I aim for 30 minutes and set myselfmini goals each time I go out. I also walkfrom my house in Chiswick to the BBCstudios in White City and back againevery day – about two and a half mileseach way. I’d be horrified to have a personaltrainer shouting at me – that’s not my ideaof how to enjoy exercise!’

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How did you find the rickshaw challenge for Children in Need last November?

‘I really had fun – it was the best week ofmy time on The One Show. Team Rickshawwas made up of six inspiring teenagers,supported by Children in Need projects,who drove the rickshaw from Edinburgh toLondon. Matt Baker and I cycled alongside tooffer our support. Eight days and 411 miles later,my body was tighter and I felt in great shape. Atfirst, the show’s producers were overprotectiveand didn’t want me to take part in the cycling, butI refused to be treated like a child and got stuckin! I already enjoy using the Boris bikes and cyclingaround Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park, but mymission in 2013 is to buy a bike of my own.’

How do you relax?

‘My idea of relaxation is to sit on the sofa and enjoya glass of wine or sherry. I believe that if you followa healthy diet and take regular exercise, then enjoyinga glass of wine should be guilt-free. I make sure I havea few alcohol-free days each week though. By notsetting limits on what you can and can’t have, you’llbe less tempted to cheat.’

Do you follow any diet rules?

‘I eat sensibly, and luckily I’m not attracted to fastfoods like pizza! I really do love vegetables, so fordinner, I might have a salmon fillet with vegetables or avegetarian chilli. My boyfriend used to be a chef so weeat really well. He’s often tempted to cook with butter,but mostly we have a healthy, well-rounded meal. Dueto the show, I often don’t get home until 8.30pm sowe don’t eat until 9.30 or 10pm, which I don’t reallylike doing. Unfortunately, when I’m tired, I do craveanything that contains potato!’

What are your must-have beauty products?

‘My favourite skincare range at the moment is Sisley.I love the Creamy Mousse Cleanser Makeup Remover(£58.50 for 125ml; I’m also on a one-woman mission to try to test as many fake tans aspossible to find the best one. In winter my skin canlook dull, so every three days I apply a little fake tan tomy face for a healthy glow. So far, the Garnier AmbreSolaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Face Mist Spray (£8.49for 75ml; is the best I’ve tried.’

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