Shooting Star Yoga Pose

Shooting Star Yoga Pose

Therefore I married the two ideas together and what resulted was a series that I called Yoga for the Mind. Fantastic photos and sayings with my original take on them.

Revisiting what I wrote two years or so ago now, I have actually surprised myself. The reminders that I have given myself in this re-editing process have been great for me. And I hope that they are for you too.

I have now collated these blog posts into this eBook so that you can enjoy them all in one place. I hope you enjoy your reading and that you find inspiration and insights that help you in your life.

Let’s face it we are all a bit soppy when we are in love. However, of course there are many positive aspects to love too. We can learn from this cute puppy picture in our working lives to help us be more productive, be more positive and generally be more positive.

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