Side Crane Pose Yoga

The final initiate was led from the dais to a side aisle, where he disrobed down to everything but his shorts, which he was wearing beneath his robe.Side Crane Pose Yoga He then walked into the large baptismal font and stood facing us to receive his baptismal rites as we looked on. We were all invited to restate our vows along with this fully grown man as he was doused with blessed holy water.Side Crane Pose Yoga I had never witnessed a more moving ritual than this, and my heart welled up with love at the sight. After the readings, homily, and Eucharist, everyone was invited back to the rectory for a small feast of home-baked goods and coffee. It was after midnight. I could sense God’s joy in our participation in the celebration of Him, which was emotionally exhilarating. I felt spiritually satiated for the first time that I can recall.


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