Side Crow Pose Yoga

Side Crow Pose Yoga

See the good in people – Try and see the good in people. See the qualities and what people have to offer the world. Give them some time and some attention and prepare to be astonished by what you will be shown and what you will learn.

Be Your True Self – Just act naturally, be the person you were put on this earth to be. Do not try and pretend that you are something or someone you are not; you will soon be found out. Be in the skin you are in.

Continue to Grow and Evolve – Never stop growing and evolving. Learn something new every day. Be inquisitive, ask questions, and ask questions of yourself. Set goals and achieve them.

Gandhi was a great man, and you what can you achieve in your life by applying his teachings?

I like this little picture, cannot remember where I found it on the internet now.

However, it is so true, happiness always comes from within. One of the great things about your life is that it is just that YOUR life and you are completely responsible for it.

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