Silent Meditation Benefits Our Mental Health

Some long-term benefits of silence and meditation

You are able to connect to your inner being There is another part of you, which is your inner being. In silence and meditation, you get a chance to connect with your inner being or your soul. Your soul qualities are pure love, joy, peace and contentment. These are the original qualities you were born with. As you become more drawn outward into the busy, frenzied life, you will yearn for peace, love and joy. Your inner being is always calling you to tune inward, to come home to your original self. When you operate from your soul-self, you will be guided by love, peace and joy in everything you do, on the outside. You will become less reactive to the challenges of life. Instead, you will be more accepting of life and flow with life.

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Your concept and experience of time changes

Inside your sanctuary, your awareness expands. Once you experience absolute silence inside, you will experience timelessness. When you are completely relaxed, your resistance to all outside pressures dictated by time, will begin to subside. You will be drawn towards present moment awareness. You will feel that you have enough time to complete your tasks. You will begin to align with time rather than race against it.

Timelessness renders you ageless

Pushing against time, will wear you down mentally, emotionally and physically. In silence, you will experience timelessness. You will detach from your age completely. When you are in awe of life and enjoy every moment you become ageless. Your cells respond to your positive outlook of life and deliver a youthfulness and vitality that amazes others! You must have met many individuals whose looks and attitude to life reflect agelessness.

You are open to divine guidance and inspiration

When you are relaxed, your channels are open. You are able to listen to divine guidance, offering you cues or impulses to act on once you return to your normal day. This is when you are inspired to call someone, read a book, write a book, write a song, create an innovation, change your life, etc. Your inner being knows what your heart desires and how best to lead you there. In the noisy world outside, you will not be able to listen to these cues.

You are able to let go of judgement of people and situations

The 5-day Silence Retreat I attended in Oxford had a deep impact on me. Deep silence enabled me to see things more clearly. It softened my heart. I was able to look at the people who hurt me or who disappointed me with compassion. I began to see things from their point of view, and understood what motivated them to do what they did. Their actions were prompted by their fear or lack of love in their lives. This shift in perspective made me more willing to forgive them. I also became less critical of others and myself. My heart was filled with love for everyone and everything. We need to go inward as often as we can, to regain our sense of balance in life and shift our perspective; and from this inner place of love, peace and joy, create our life on the outside. The 6th Century Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said this of silence and meditation, “The inner is the Foundation of the outer, The still is the master Of the restless, The sage travels all day, yet never Leaves his inner treasures.”


The consistent practice of silence and meditation offers you everything that you could ever ask for in life. Austrian philosopher, Franz Kafka, described the value and ecstatic experience of silence very accurately when he said, When you become quiet, still and solitary, the world will freely off er itself to you unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”

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