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The Indian sage Patanjali compiled the Yoga Darshana, more commonly known today as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, though both Vyasa and Patanjali are considered to be more the assemblers of an existing oral tradition than actual authors.Simhasana Pose Yoga The Bhagavad Gita praises yoga and illustrates the divine relationship between mortals and Supreme Consciousness, while the Yoga Sutras provide practical instructions on how to achieve its promises.Simhasana Pose Yoga The latter text forms the basis of yoga philosophy as we know it today. When we enter further into the world of yoga and the physical postures, called asanas, you may be overwhelmed by the many names that get thrown around in classes, and you may find it initially difficult to get your bearings.

Many of those names will be difficult to remember, let alone pronounce. Personally, I always find that reading and telling stories is the best way to remember individuals’ lives, especially when they feel so remote to our own. Yoga is very much a handed down tradition, and it is important to understand how it has come to you, here and now.

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