Sitting for Meditation

As with all aspects of yoga, sitting for meditation requires proper positioning, form, and concentration, although these should be achieved in your own individual way. Here are some basics for preparing the sitting pose for meditation.

Beginners may want to sit against a wall in the Easy Pose. Let your knees drop toward the floor. Take care with your knees in sitting meditation; do not compromise them by forcing them into a painful position. Let the knees drop only as far as they can naturally.

Sit straight with your head and neck erect and your spine straight. Imagine an invisible string running through your spine which connects the crown of your head to the heavens and roots the base of your spine to the earth.

Your weight, when sitting, should be distributed evenly on the buttocks.

Ease your back forward to meet your chest.

Adjust your position for comfort.

If your feet begin to feel numb from being tucked under your legs, adjust their position.

Make sure the room is conducive to relaxation and you are dressed comfortably and warmly.

If you can’t sit on the floor in this position, sit in a chair with your feet on the ground, spine erect, and your hands on your lap.

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