Sitting Poses Yoga

Sitting Poses Yoga

• Sometimes in yoga poses or very long workouts, a blister will occur for no apparent reason and never happen again.

• yoga for long periods with wet shoes is a common cause. If possible, stop and change socks if you sense a problem.

• Extreme dehydration is a cause.

• Blood blisters will often force one to rest/heal, but antibiotic cream can speed the healing.

• Don’t yoga if the pain from the blister or callus forces you to yoga differently.

• Blisters can increase and hurt more if you continue yoga. But if one is felt during an important yoga pose and you have time afterward to recover, you can continue, accepting the consequences. Pain is commonly experienced during a rest break, the warm-up or afterwards, and hurts less while moving. It is impossible to tell the extent of damage by feel, without looking at the blister. Many times they feel like a huge open wound and turn out to be small. Other times very large ones are discovered with hardly any awareness of pain.

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Toe Numbness, Pain and Tissue Damage RAYNAUD’S SYNDROME

• Usually in the toes, but in some cases the skin on the first or fifth metatarsal-phalangeal joints are involved, especially when there are bunions.

• Athletes are confused because this feels and looks like normal friction damage, but there seems to be no remedy for the pain and irritated skin.

• It is much more common in women than in men.

• The pain can be intense, but it varies day to day. There can be pain without signs of the skin damage.

• The vessels in the skin are in spasm and do not provide normal circulation. This prevents the normal healing from friction, so the tissue breaks down gradually.

• This condition can also occur in the fingers, ears and nose, but the friction is not as great in these areas.

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