Squat Exercises During Pregnancy

Squat Exercises During Pregnancy

He must understand his lower nature more fully, and this he does through working to overcome the forces of resistance. As he understands the resistant forces he modifies his plan and his project but keeps his purpose intact. This is his outer work.

He must understand more fully the will of his soul, and this he does through continually refining his mental proposition and therefore his understanding of his purpose in the light of the greater purpose of the soul and eventually of the monad.

This is why we are told that the monad is to the Planetary Logos what the third eye is to man.106 The third eye allows the light, love and power of the soul to enter into the three worlds. This light both illuminates those worlds thus bringing to light the forces of resistance, and also once a certain level has been reached, carries with it the monadic will required to redeem those forces.

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The human monad allows the light, love and power of the Solar Logos to enter the planetary ring-pass-not on the cosmic physical plane. Once alignment occurs between the monadic, solar and personality wills in the human system, there is a process of abstraction that occurs of the identity back to monadic levels. At the Sixth Initiation monadic awareness and the Law of Freedom provides the opportunity for the human being to re-choose because he is at the same level as the original monadic choice made to serve. If he chooses the Path of Earth Service he delays his passing onto the cosmic astral plane under the Law of Sacrifice. If an entity is capable of attuning with and therefore abstracting to higher levels and it refuses to do so, then a channel of inflow is opened from those higher levels to the place where the entity makes its stand. This principle underlies the so-called ‘mistake’ (from one perspective) of the Buddha, and the future requirement of a group of initiates who will choose together to walk the Path of Earth Service.

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