Staff Pose Yoga

Staff Pose Yoga

Look carefully at the woman in the picture. Most people would be content to exercise in the gym, or maybe not even exercise at all. Let’s sit by the log fire and have a nice warm drink instead. That woman didn’t think like that, she got off of her backside and despite the cold and the conditions she did her outside exercise.

Even if you went to the gym instead the woman is still one up on you as she gets fresh air to breathe that made her feel more alive. Or if you stayed on the sofa she got her daily exercise when you didn’t. She will have more energy and more confidence to take on tasks.

I believe it is one of the great dividing lines between success and failure, what is our attitude towards the prevailing conditions. In most instances these are just excuses, do not let excuses get in your way to fulfilling your ambitions.

• Relook at the tasks you should have undertaken to fulfil your dream. Look at the excuses you have made.

• What is stopping you right now from taking that first step?

• Take the first step right now. It doesn’t matter if it is cold, you don’t have any money, that the economy is not great etc.

• Just start.

• Accept that conditions will never be perfect.

• Imperfect conditions will mean that you will learn more along the way.

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