Standing Marichyasana Pose

Standing Marichyasana Pose

A more gentle version of the marichyasana, this is a better option for those who find the sitt’ng marichyasana too much of a challenge. You will need a yoga block and a chair, which you will need to place next to a wall. Place the yoga block in front of the chair and have the chair with one side next to the wall, but not touching it.

Place the heel of your right foot on the yoga block and the toes of your right foot on the floor so that your foot is in the position it would be in if you were wearing high heels. Place your left foot on the seat of the chair and lift your left arm to place it on the wall with your hand

Now, as you exhale, twist to your left, bending your left arm, bringing your left hand down to around shoulder height, and reaching your right arm up and placing it on the wall. Make sure that you keep your hips straight and facing forward as you twist your upper body. Repeat on the other side.

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