Success Story I Ran The Marathon For My Mum

Jenny Chilton, 25, from Hertfordshire, set herself a fitness challenge, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care

Big shock

‘In 2010, my mum was diagnosed with breastcancer. I am one of four girls, and when shetold us the news we all reacted differently.My reaction was to ask as many questionsas possible. To find answers, I turned tothe internet and the Breast Cancer Carewebsite ( becamemy saviour. It was the easiest to navigate,the information was clear and I found otherpeople’s stories positive and encouraging.Mum had surgery to remove the cancertwo days after she told us, so it was a bigshock, and Breast Cancer Care was there forus. Mum had to quickly come to terms withthe changes to her body and I wanteddesperately to show my support to her.’

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Set a goal

‘I decided to run the 2012 Virgin LondonMarathon as a celebration of mum’s recoveryand to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. I’vealways wanted to run a marathon and decidedto become a more serious runner in 2010. I’dtaken part in a few half-marathons and the5x50 challenge, which involved running 5 Kevery day for 50 days. I carried on running as much as possible and started my marathon training plan with gusto in December 2011.’


‘I ran the 2012 Virgin London Marathonin five hours and nine minutes and Ienjoyed every minute of it! So muchso, that I decided I wanted to run the2013 Virgin London Marathon as well.I’m following the same plan as lastyear but, in a bid to run it in under fivehours, I have incorporated even morerunning, plus leg-strength exercises anda weights session each week. Running isaddictive and, looking beyond 2013,I wouldn’t say no to an ultra-marathon!’

I did it!

Each month a reader tells us about an event she’s competed in…

In October 2012, Gemma Clark,from Waltham Abbey, Essex, ranthe Royal Parks Half Marathon,in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.‘Four weeks before the race, thecharity called to say someonehad dropped out and would Ilike the place? It was daunting;I’d done 5K and 10K runs, butnever a half marathon. Mybrother also had a place, so we started training together. We began with small runs, working our way up over the four weeks to about six miles. Even though we hadn’t reached the 13-mile mark, we knew we could do it! We finished in just over three hours, which we were very happy with. Next, my dream is to run the London Marathon. Fingers crossed I get a place!’

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