Supine Spinal Twist

Like OM, chanting usually begins and ends an experience, similar to a clearing of the palate..Supine Spinal Twist Even if at first chanting feels uncomfortable, it gets remarkably easier each time. Suddenly you will feel confident, and your voice will boom with the best of them. Supine Spinal TwistOnce you find which chant you prefer, make it your mantra something to sing aloud, or to repeat internally, that guides you back on your track. Sound is a powerful healing gift, which most of us have at our disposal. In addition, OM, like other mantras or chants, is the perfect doorway into your yoga practice. Within the limbs of yoga, meditation is deep reflection or contemplation, which requires tatiksha single pointed focus that will only improve with practice. Ultimately, samadhi is the true aim of yoga, which must be achieved through meditation.

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