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This can be affected by a variety of things, including the environment, diet, stress, and general states of being.Supported Headstand When addressed specifically, health and harmony can be restored. These doshas each have their own characteristics, some of which may align with parts of our own personalities or natures. Ayurvedic doctors may diagnose individuals by observing these characteristics while talking with you or by having you fill out extensive questionnaires covering everything from your sleeping to your dietary habits, as they relate to your responsiveness to stress or anger. Then, they may read your pulse to determine your particular combination of the doshas.Supported Headstand This is called the pulse diagnosis. Once they establish your dosha and learn any health concerns you may have, they might prescribe herbs for your condition that will help to regulate your body. We each have varying degrees of all three doshas, but generally we are ruled by one or two dominant doshas at any given time.

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