Teen Weight Loss Tips

Teen Weight Loss Tips

Does the world need us? ‘Yes, every one’…and ‘No not at all’. It is in safe hands and we are part of those hands. We will wake, we will walk, because it is inherent in our nature to do so. The human spirit will not fail, cannot fail because the whole of cosmos is behind it.

Freedom is our birthright, and the pain of the effort to reclaim it is but a passing thing.

Those who have walked the path exhort us to walk it because they know there is no other way. The path is not a tradition or a series of meditative practices but the journey that leads through every human heart. It is as present to us as our breath and as familiar as our lover’s face. It is what brought us here and what will take us home.

This blog is a freedom song, one faint note of the great Sound that issues day and night from Shamballa. If you resonate with it, it is because you resonate with that which is at the core of your own being. I hope you find value in the information this blog contains but it is my greater hope that the fire behind the words fans the courage of your soul and that you hear, however distant, the thrilling sound of Freedom arriving.

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The tawny tension builds within the desert of the group Life, everyone is thirsty, complaining about the lack of water, looking for love instead of loving.

And then, when the air is scorched with longing, when the parched stones cry out for moisture, a rumbling sounds down the dry riverbed of the inner life. All voices fall silent, waiting for the roar of spirit to shoulder its way from the highest to the lowest through all worlds.

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