Yoga For Beginners


In the beginning where you practice yoga will be of crucial importance, as your skills progress you will be able to practice yoga and find peace in even the busiest of environments.

For a beginner though the aim is to reduce distractions and noise. You want to create a sanctum, a place of peace and tranquillity that you associate with yoga. This may sound complex but it can be literally anywhere you choose.

It might be your living room, back garden, bathroom or a private room you’ve booked in the gym. The key is it is somewhere you associate with the mindful state you are entering. I suggest using the same location repeatedly in the beginning doing this will help you greatly as you associate the location with yoga.

I also like to create a very specific atmosphere within my environment. I will list below the facets that make up my environment. Pick and choose aspects as you like experiment with them and see what suits your tastes best.

– Low lighting,

– Ambient noise

– Candles, vanilla scented

– Mat centred in the room, or as close to centre as possible

– Doors closed and drapes drawn

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