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“I’ve always been a bit of a yo-yo dieter. I’ve tried all the quick-fixes, from drinking slimming milkshakes to eating cabbage soup. The problem was that I didn’t like feeling deprived of food, so these fad diets really weren’t for me. “When my youngest daughter was born 17 years ago, I lost a lot of weight via Weight Watchers, but I never reached my goal. My worst habit was a lack of portion control; I used to eat the same sized meals as my husband. He was working from home at the time and would like a big cooked lunch and dinner every day – I joined in and the weight just crept on; that’s when it got a bit out of control.”

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“I think the occasion that sparked my decision to change my unhealthy habits for good was when I went shopping with my daughter to buy a new dress for a black tie event. My daughter had to keep going back and forth from the changing room to get bigger dresses for me and I was horrified at the dress size I had to buy in the end. From the moment I wore that dress, I vowed that I’d wear it for that night only. “I decided that the next step was to return to Weight Watchers. I knew I wanted to go back there as I liked the philosophy and the holistic approach. My goal weight was 11st 1lb, which is at the top of the healthy BMI range but I didn’t want to be too thin, so I was quite comfortable with this target. “Everyone at the group meetings was so supportive. It also helped to know that other people felt exactly the same as I did – it was a really good feeling. Once I reached my goal weight I decided to continue showing my support for others who joined the club by becoming a Weight Watchers coach, and I really enjoy it.”


“My worst time of day for snacking would be at around three o’clock in the afternoon, once I’d picked the children up from school. I would usually eat a few biscuits – of course, these are full of sugar and calories. I don’t buy them anymore; there’s not even a biscuit barrel in my house now. I do still get a bit peckish in the afternoon, but instead of sugary snacks I eat a piece of fruit to quell any cravings “After tweaking my eating habits, I lost 52lb in 52 weeks. However, the decrease wasn’t consistent: some weeks I would gain weight; others I would stay the same or lose a few pounds, but it balanced out in the end. When I got to within about half a stone of my goal weight it became difficult to keep the incentive going, but my motivation was to reach my target weight by my 50th birthday. On the night before my birthday, I finally achieved my goal weight – it was a very proud moment for me. “In June 2017 I got married; the month marked roughly a year since I got to my target weight. I was so happy with how I looked on my wedding day and pleased with myself for keeping the weight off. After the wedding, my husband and I went on a three-week all-inclusive honeymoon to the Caribbean. I had a lovely time, but I came home to find that I’d put on 11lb. Despite putting on weight, I still looked and felt great, so I didn’t allow it to affect me – I simply took control of my weight again straight away.”


“One of the main ways I made sure I didn’t stray from my new diet plan was by using the Weight Watchers app. Using this is definitely the way forward – you can download it to your phone, tablet or computer, enabling you to update it wherever you go. I used it to track everything I ate and drank; I didn’t want to rely on my memory – if I forgot to note something down, then I’d only be cheating myself. “Since starting my weight-loss journey, the quantity of food I consume has definitely decreased and I’ve become more mindful of what I eat. For example, if I have a bread roll I wouldn’t dream of putting butter on it anymore. I think by being more mindful about food I am able to enjoy it more, too. If I have a rump steak for dinner I will appreciate it because I know that it is a treat. “I’ve also learned to make smarter food choices when I shop. I don’t use jars of sauce anymore for Bolognese dishes; instead I make my own and buy the ingredients separately. If I make a lasagne, then I will make my own cheese sauce without butter. I also make my own soup in order to avoid the tinned versions which are loaded with sugar. Usually, I make a healthy vegetable soup in batches so I can freeze portions for the future. “I’ve never been one for the gym, but I do love my step tracker. I used to clock up 8,000 steps a day, but now I do around 10,000 or more. If I don’t feel like I’ve done enough steps by the evening then I will go for a walk either alone or with our new puppy – walking him really helps me to stay fit.”

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