The Practice of Asana

Asana strives to strike a balance, to create strength and flexibility, or sthira and sukha. Sukha means “comfortable” and sthira means “steady,” and in asana one should strive for both. Some of us start out with a little more sthira than sukha, or vice versa. Of course, everyone will have different limitations in a beginning hatha yoga class. No two bodies are alike.

Start slowly with your asana routine. Keep in mind that in order to obtain the maximum benefits, you will need to practice. It’s best to practice the asana daily, and it is vital that you practice the asana correctly.

Hatha yoga requires some space. The best place to practice asana is in a quiet area or empty room, on a folded mat or carpeted floor. There should be no music or chatter or competition. The atmosphere ought to be relaxed. It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing, nothing restricting, and practice in bare feet. Asana should be performed on an empty stomach.

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