The Sequence of Asana

When you practice hatha yoga, it is important to do the asana in sequence. The word hatha is made up of two words: ha, which is “sun,” and tha, which is “moon.” One is the masculine energy, the other is the feminine energy, both of which exist in every one of us. Practicing asana unites these elements.

Each asana will either augment or counterbalance the prior asana. Each series of asana would be counterbalanced, such as the forward bending series being followed by a series of backward bending poses. If you do an asana that stretches or works one side of your body, you will always repeat the asana on the other side of the body. Every pose offers unique benefits for the various systems in your body.

The three important dimensions to yoga and performing asana:

Precise flowing movements

Awareness of the breath

Focusing the mind

The body, the breath, and the mind are interdependent in yoga.

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