Things You Really Should Avoid Steroids And Hgh

Steroids And Hgh: What You Need To Know

I always knew steroids played a big part in professional sports but it wasn’t until I started getting to know some professional fighters that I found out how many people actually use them . It turns out at the really high levels of sports everyone – literally everyone, except a very small percentage – use (or have used) something. However, most people don’t use steroids for what you would think. Aside from looking tougher using steroids to bulk-up for Muay Thai or MMA is counter-productive.

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It may make you stronger but it also hurts your cardio and gives your calves crazy pumps when you are trying to run. Having big muscles puts you up a weight class (when the idea is to fight at the lowest weight you can), and it can make you slower and less flexible if you get huge. So, why in the world would pro athletes use them? Well, they use it mainly for recovery. By doing Steroids and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) you can recover from those harsh two-a-day workouts much quicker, which ultimately makes you faster, stronger and have better technique – since you’re training more often. Fighters only use steroids during off seasons and during training – never while fighting. There is, however, a drug called EPO (Erythropoietin) which is getting more popular in MMA and the UFC because it gives you (virtually) unlimited cardio.

The way it works is it increases your body’s red blood cells so you have more oxygen in your blood. EPO also helps your body buffer lactic acid making it so your muscles can perform harder and longer before getting tired. The reason why it’s so hard to test for EPO is because there are other ways to get similar benefits without taking oral pills. Some athletes do something called, ‘blood doping’, where they take blood out of their body (maybe a month or so before their fight), let their body recover and rebuild, then transfuse the blood back and so giving them more red blood cells than before. Since the blood is their own it is currently impossible to test for. The drugs that Lance Armstrong (multiple winner of the Tour De France cycle race) got busted for would be the same drugs that would benefit fighters. The goal is: increased blood cells, cardio and useable muscle, lowering lactic acid, and better recovery. Those drugs would be EPO, human growth hormone, testosterone, and anti-inflammatory steroids (cortisone). Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a wonder drug. It’s literally the closest thing we have to the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone that we produce mainly while sleeping. As a teenager we produce quite a bit of it (especially during puberty) – on average around 2.1 IU (International Units) a day. As an adult you produce less and less as you age, and average 1.3 IU a day as you get into your thirties. Aside from the anti-aging benefits of HGH such as better skin, nails, hair, eye sight, and organ repair, there are direct benefits to sports. HGH increases your body’s ability to burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, repair joints, and allows your body to recover much better and faster. Remember when you were 20 years old and you could run, have a tough workout, go party, and then go to work the next day like nothing happened? Well, that’s partly because of your body’s high HGH levels doing the repair work overnight.

Most high-level athletes do a small dose of HGH, around 2 IU a day which is enough just for recovery. Some bump it up closer to 4 IU a day if they are trying to cut fat and build muscle. Any dose higher than that would be dangerous. If you are going to do HGH make sure you do it during the day and (at least) 3 hours before you go to bed, so it doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural ability to produce the hormone and shut down. Also, make sure you cycle it on and off, taking a month off a few times a year. The only reason why I’m not doing HGH and why I do not currently recommend it to others is because of cost and authenticity. If you buy HGH from your normal steroid hookup, a pharmacy or online you will (at best) get a diluted form of the drug that may only contain 10% of what it says it does. HGH is extremely expensive to manufacture, so labs in China that make legitimate pharmaceutical grade HGH also release lower rate product and, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to test its strength. Your 100 IU kit may only contain 10 IU plus 90 IU of filler. If I had a legitimate U.S. Pharmaceutical grade prescription from a real doctor – and could afford it – I would do a small dose of HGH in a heartbeat. The benefits are amazing and the side effects (of a small dose) are almost non-existent.

Do not buy HGH in Thailand even from a Pharmacy. They may swear it’s legitimate – and even believe so themselves – but, trust me, it’s not. Unless you are willing to get it directly from a doctor and pay $600US for a month’s supply, hold off on it for a few years until the price of production comes down. As far as steroids go, the best steroid for endurance-type athletes (including fighters) is Testosterone inter-muscular injections. From my research Testosterone Ethanate, also known as ‘Test E’, was the way to go. Most beginners start with 500mg a week, divided into two 250mg doses. However, for endurance sports such as Muay Thai and even things like long distance cycling, 250mg a week is actually enough. I’m sure everyone on the forums will tell you that it’s a waste to do such a small dose (and that you’re an idiot for doing it) but those guys are wrong and most likely don’t do Muay Thai – they’re body builders. A small dose is great for: strength, getting ripped, building some muscle and, most of all, for recovery. Do it for 12 weeks then have ‘PCT’ (Post Cycle Therapy). Clomid taken after a cycle of steroids will bring your body back to normal and prevent your body from shutting down its natural testosterone production. If I was ever going to do steroids, I would do a 12 week cycle of ‘Test E’, once a week at 250mg, by itself and nothing else.

Or my other option would be going to my doctor and getting put on ‘TRT’ (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). The only reason why I haven’t done Testosterone is because I just don’t feel like I need it to achieve my current goals. Maybe if I was competing at a super-high level and trying to get into the UFC but, as a beginner athlete, I want to see what my body’s natural potential is first before I start fucking with it. Also, it’s expensive! Even though Testosterone is a lot cheaper than other options, it’ll still end up costing a few hundred dollars and even the Post Cycle Therapy is expensive. I’d rather spend that money on healthy food, a good lifestyle, massages and more months in Thailand! If you really want to do steroids in Thailand, though, just ask around your gym. Literally, just go up to the biggest guy at your gym and ask him. Since steroids are legal in Thailand (and you can buy them over-the-counter in Pharmacies) they should have no problem hooking you up. In Phuket, the Pharmacy next to 7-Eleven at the end of the road past Phuket Top Team is where a lot of people I know bought theirs. You can also get it at the Phuket Fight Store. In Bangkok and Pattaya, just go to your local weightlifting gym and go to the closest pharmacy nearby and they’ll have it – guaranteed. In Chiang Mai, go to the Pharmacies closest to hospitals. The small random shops won’t have things like ‘Test E’, but the ones downstairs from a hospital will. Prices in Thailand are comparable to prices in Mexico.

Is using EPO, HGH and steroids cheating?

Yes and no. I think EPO is cheating for sure but, at the same time, you can develop more red blood cells naturally by living and training at altitude. A lot of fight camps and Olympic training centers are high in the mountains simply because of this reason. You can also build a high altitude tent in your house to sleep in and get similar results. Devices such as elevation training masks and the ‘Bas Rutten O2 Trainer’ (which I’m currently using) also have some benefit, although these are really to make your lungs more efficient rather than actually raise red blood cells.

I don’t consider HGH cheating; if anything, it’s a way for older athletes (like guys in their late 30’s and 40’s) to still train hard and recover, so keeping up with the young kids. As for steroids, because of weight classes I don’t think it’s a bad thing for fighting sports. The thing is, even without steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, the playing field is never fair; some people naturally have more testosterone and better genetics. At the end of the day, just because a guy does steroids doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good fighter. In fact, often the big guy that spends too much time lifting weights – and not enough time sparring – isn’t as good. Just look at the K1 fight between Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic and Bob Sapp for proof.

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