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Then he suggests repeating the mantra as a whisper, in the voice of the lover.Three Parts Forward Bend Pose Yoga And lastly, Bhajan instructs the student to repeat the mantra in silence, in one’s consciousness, in the voice of God. Chanting in this way, each sound originating in the crown of the head, seated in a meditative posture, it is possible to experience one’s own infinity. Three Parts Forward Bend Pose Yoga There is also a form of Christian meditation that involves sounds, most commonly as Gregorian chants, which are monadic liturgical chants sung in Latin without musical accompaniment and are named after Saint Gregory I. I can remember my first chanting experience.

I was sitting in a yoga class, and when the teacher instructed us in a call and response style chanting exercise, I opened an eye to look around the room, as if by seeing the mouths moving, I would better understand the instruction and then better manipulate my tongue to pronounce these strange sounds aloud with everyone else. I came to realize, however, that I would first have to look within. »Sounds we make begin in the diaphragm and move up and off the tongue.

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