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The collaboration was a success, and the PSA is still running today, nearly five years after my dad’s death. Tolasana Pose Yoga This would be the beginning of a personal crusade, one that commemorated my father’s life and one, like yoga, that could celebrate all of ours. It is impossible to assign one definition to yoga . . as impossible, in fact, as it would be to assign one definition to God. For example, our Western Webster’s dictionary defines yoga as follows: l A series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to attain physical and mental control and tranquility; 2 A school of Hindu philosophy using yoga to unify the self with the Supreme Being. Tolasana Pose Yoga Though the Sanskrit word yoga does indeed translate to union or Sanskrit Sanskrit is the sacred language of India. Sanskrit was the language of the learned and upper classes of India, in which most literature and philosophical works were written.

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