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With the increased blood circulation, your respiration and digestion are also improved.Tree Pose Yoga The most obvious effects, however, are on the brain itself. The inverted posture brings more oxygen to the brain, which increases mental sharpness and intellectual clarity. More blood flow to the brain even invigorates teeth, gums and other organs located in the head. For the practitioner, the greatest benefits are perhaps developing the strength and flexibility of the body while stimulating and disciplining the mind, all to achieve inner balance.Tree Pose Yoga If beauty does lie in the heart, then Ayurveda pronounced Ay-yer-vay-dah holds the key to unlocking that inseparable mind-body-spirit beauty within. It has been said that Vedic sciences are really a single science with many windows, Vedic science, when applied to health, could be called Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, ayu means life and veda means knowledge.

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