Try The Simple Art Of Hand Reflexology And Breeze Through The Festive Season

This is always such a busy time of year and, among the festivities, ‘me-time’ sometimes takes a back seat. But there is a simple way to find time for peace and quiet. Most of us are familiar with the most common form of reflexology, where points in the feet are massaged to help ease emotional and physical concerns. However, did you know that you can also perform reflexology on your hands – and that each finger relates to a specific emotion? By gently pinching, rubbing, tugging and massaging certain fingers and areas of your palm you can ease stress, boost sleep and put pay to rising panic, all of which we often face during the festive season. It’s natural, painless and can be done anywhere, anytime.

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In reflexology, the thumb carries the weight of all our decisions. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and your head’s spinning, hold your thumb and gently squeeze it for three to five minutes, or until you begin to feel your mind clear.


When you have a lot to plan, but feel you’re not getting anywhere, reach for your index finger – which is associated with frustration – and slowly work your way up and down the finger for two minutes, pinching the sides.

SLEEP LIKE A BABY Stop a racing mind from interrupting your sleep by gently massaging your palm just below your little finger three times, for 30-60 seconds each.

RUB AWAY YOUR SOCIAL WORRIES You’re bound to have a party or two in your diary. Yet meeting new people can be nerve-racking, so harness the calming power of your little finger. When you feel a flutter of worry, simply rub back and forth along the length of this digit for a minute or two, or for as long as it takes for you to feel calm again.

STAY ON AN EVEN KEEL Emotions can run high during the festive season, but you can keep yours in check. When you feel your anger or annoyance on the rise, stop it from bubbling over by gently tugging on your middle finger for two to three minutes until the red mist evaporates.

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