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The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (1981,1983) (Wikipedia link) in his very influential writings claims that under capitalism consumer commodities are increasingly acquiring mainly symbolic-value. Their initial use-value is almost disappearing under layers of commodity signs – of a wide range of imagistic and symbolic associations. We end up living in a society overloaded with images, signs and simulations, which mutually define each other and where we lose our sense of the concrete reality – for instance of the use-value. This also seems to be a relevant point in relation to yoga discourse – the use-value is over layered by symbolic-value. Inspired by Baudrillard, I will as a central theme of this book investigate the dialectic of yoga’s use- and symbolic-value throughout history – the tension between the technical and the symbolic meaning of yoga.

What is central to yoga discourse – exactly like modern advertising and marketing – is to convey symbolic value. Let me further explore this idea of talking about the yoga discourse as primarily a generator of symbols and symbolic value.

It is the center of sattva like jiva, it is your essence, meaning purity, truth, lucidity, one of the threegunas dynamic forces of prakrti nature, cosmic manifestation.Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose Yoga With your feet suddenly rooted above in heaven, you become nourished spiritually and divinely. Practicing balance and courage in this position carrying your own weight helps you look at the weight of your burdens from a different perspective, from an unfamiliar angle. Physically, the headstand stimulates blood supplv and circulation to the brain, bringing clarity of mind and speech. Head-balance revitalizes the whole body and strengthens the spine.Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose Yoga Standing upright all of the time, the body ‘s internal organs tend to sag with gravity and become sluggish. Practicing upside down helps to counteract these effects.

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