Upward-Facing Dog Pose Yoga

My breasts were just the right size for me and not for show, as that was not their purpose anyway.Upward-Facing Dog Pose Yoga I had grown up thinking of myself as gawky and uncoordinated, and had fortunately outgrown that. I discovered that I could be graceful and agile and could hold my balance in challenging poses, both as a model and as a yogi.Upward-Facing Dog Pose Yoga I came to love my body because it was strong, supple, and pliable, not because of what it looked like. In yoga, I owned my body. It was so completely connected to the rest of me, and I was in control of that. Through yoga, I came to understand the metaphor of the body as a temple. It has to be strong and sturdy, but only to protect and sustain the inner workings of the heart and the mind.

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