Walking In Water Exercise

Walking In Water Exercise


Why are we so fascinated by water? Since the beginning of time, it has been seen as a symbol of the soul and regarded as the prima materia, the prime substance, of the universe. Life itself developed out of the sea, the human fetus is surrounded and protected by the amniotic fluid, and our body consists of at least 70 percent water the examples could go on and on.

Water as a physical substance possesses some of the features that made life possible on Earth. We all learned about its anomalies in our physics classes. For instance, frozen water is lighter than the liquid. Without this quality, rivers would freeze completely from top to bottom in winter; but because a lighter, protective layer of ice forms on the surface, creatures can still exist underneath.

Water also has the ability to levitate. It can flow against gravity, as in the case of artesian springs and wells. The healing power of water from these sources, for both external and internal use, has been known for generations.

In my blog Die Antwort des Wassers (Water Knows the Answer), I described the amazing journey of one drop of water. I’d like to look at this journey once again, but from a different point of view, using it as an analogy for human life.

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