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So there was little knowledge of hatha-yoga in the US. Pierre Bernard was more occupied by Tantra than by hatha-yoga. It was first about twenty years later with the arrival of

This was primarily a health and fitness discourse wrapped in mystical signs. All in all for some very few American urban middle class circles hatha-yoga became regimes of calisthenics, deep breathing, dietics, nature cure and positive auto-suggestion according to Singleton (2010) and Syman (2010). However most of these modernist hatha-yoga discourses and techniques were clearly not Eastern but originated in the West.

This decision was cathartic for me because the commitment to my classes forced me to turn down work that required travel.Warrior II Pose Yoga It grounded me and kept me home. It felt good to finally develop a routine, to keep my refrigerator full, and to see m£ friends more regularly.Warrior II Pose Yoga School gave me so much that I looked forward to every book and every class, each and every day.

I still wasn’t completely sure about what I was seeking from it, which didn’t matter anyway because I was enjoying it so much, filling myself with knowledge, continuously stimulated. I explored every subject that I had ever expressed an interest in, the list of which seemed endless. It was a glorious time of personal growth. I came into my own during those four years.

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