Water Cycling Exercise

Water Cycling Exercise


In Buddhism and Shintoism, two religions that have significantly influenced our way of thinking in Japan, reincarnation is an absolutely integral component. This idea of cyclic development, of spiraling, corresponds well with the journey of a drop of water. A drop might start its journey as water, then evaporate, changing its form It’s still water, but it’s not the same as before. However, the same knowledge, the same information, is still there. The same applies even when it’s frozen.

I would say that the process of evaporating is equivalent to dying. Then we, too, change our shape, our form The body dissolves, but the information that the soul has acquired all the experiences and everything that we’ve learned is maintained. Now the soul sets out on its own journey. It develops further and matures until it’s time for it to incarnate again on Earth just as the water drop rises as steam, falls back as a raindrop out of a cloud, trickles away into the earth, and after a very long time (100 to 1,000 years), appears again on the surface of the earth as an artesian spring.

We don’t know exactly what processes a drop of water goes through inside the earth before the astonishing power of levitation finally sets in and it rises up hundreds of feet. But we do know that artesian springs have enormous healing power.

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