Water Weights Exercise Equipment

Water Weights Exercise Equipment


The sacred energies of water are a source of healing, guidance, inspiration, illumination, and spiritual wisdom for our life journeys sometimes in marvelous and mystical ways. Water can be used to celebrate everything from the mundane to the extraordinary, alone or with a group, on holidays or any day.

To use the sacred energies of water in rituals and ceremonies, remember that everything in the energy realm begins with intention. Take a moment to align your intention with the cosmic consciousness that space within and without where everything is interconnected. From that space, call in the sacred energies of water to assist you in accomplishing what you intend.

In my work as a hands-on energy healer and spiritual coach, the energy of intention plays an important role. Water becomes my ally; after every healing session I join my client in drinking water that carries its pure vibration to enhance the goals of the healing.

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When you become aware of water’s gifts, you can bring your intention to the water you use in your everyday life and create rituals for those uses. Most of us bathe or shower on a frequent basis. Why not pause just before turning on the shower or climbing into the bath and give thanks for this gift that cleanses, refreshes, and renews not only the body but also the mind and spirit? Take another moment to silently create whatever intention you wishan intention for serenity as you go through your day, for example. You’ll then be ready to receive the benefits of water at a much deeper level as you immerse yourself in it.

Receiving the benefits of water can, in and of itself, be your intention as you go through your day. Whether you drink from a water fountain or your own bottle, be mindful as you sip. In your mind’s eye, see the fluid hydrating and replenishing all the cells in your body. You can also carry an atomizer of water with you. When you feel stressed or upset, take a moment to spray the air just above your head and lift your face to receive the droplets of water. In doing so, you’ll be giving a selfadministered blessing to your body and spirit and those around you will also be thankful!

We’ll explore other examples below, but don’t be afraid to create your own rituals to meet your desires and needs.

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