Water Yoga Certification

Water Yoga Certification


One day, Dr. Ishibashi, the chemist and scientist who took the photographs of the water crystals, came to see me and asked, “What if we played some music to the water?” I found the idea terrific and that’s how some of the most impressive pictures came into being (see the following photos).

Water listens to Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and a crystal is formed with delicate branches, reminiscent of swans’ necks.

This water listened to the CD Message from Water. If you look into the center, you can see another small crystal trying to form itself.

Crystals responding to the Four Seasons music.

Above: Spring: The plants starting to sprout.

Right, top to bottom: Summer: They reach full blossom, Autumn: The seeds have developed and start to drop from the plant, Winter:

The seeds rest hidden away in the winter. It’s the time for retreat and silence.

Water Yoga Certification Photo Gallery

The Beatles, ‘Yesterday”: A beautiful crystal has formed. The structure of the turtle shell shows that this music strengthens the immune system.

“Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music: Edelweiss means “precious white.” In correspondence with this name, a very clear white crystal has formed. The center seems like a mirror.

The method was fairly simple: A small bottle of distilled water was placed between two loudspeakers, and music was then played. We discovered that if we knocked gently on the bottle before and afer playing the music, we got clearer pictures.

We chose classical music for our first attempts and later on used popular contemporary music. Our choices ranged from Gregorian chants and Buddhist sutras to heavy metal. We also experimented with healing melodies. We discovered, for example, that some pieces of music supported the immune system Sound is vibration, so we now know that water is able to react to vibrations and can store them in its own very specific way. You can find out more about this in my other blogs.

When we started to act on the idea of playing music to water, we abandoned our role as passive observers for good.

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