What is Kapha? How to Use Kapha

Kapha is the stabilising influence in a living being. Kapha types are often large and easily accumulate weight, water or mucus, due to a slow metabolism. They are sensitive to cold, dampness and stagnant air and feel better in conditions of warmth, dryness and increased activity. Kapha types are usually physically strong and sound sleepers. They are calm and easy-going but decisive, nurturing, warm, jolly, and supportive. When imbalanced they tend to become lazy, lethargic, possessive, depressed and set in their ways. Activity and exercise, avoidance of heavy foods and variation of routine help to balance excess kapha.

Terms associated with kapha are: heavy, mucous, oily, moist, cold, stable, smooth and soft. Oils for kapha types (or conditions of high kapha such as heaviness, excess tissue fluids or mucus) include a lighter application of warming oils such as mustard or apricot. Vigorous massage is recommended.

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Determining the constitution

Proper hygiene, diet and lifestyle are essential prerequisites for good health and Ayurvedic treatments are always tailored to the individual in question. The starting point is to determine your constitution, which you can do by completing the questionnaire on pages 14 and 15.

Read the descriptions in the three columns one by one, across the page. Because dosha is fixed from conception, look at the tendencies that have persisted since childhood. Place a tick by the description that, of the three, best fits you. Then go on to the next line. When you have gone through all the lines, add up your ticks in each column to discover your dosha.

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