What is Vat? How to Use Vat

Vata is in charge of all movement in the body and mind. The root ‘va’ means ‘to spread’ and everything that moves from a single molecule to a thought moves because of vata. Predominantly vata types are light and slender, creative, active, spontaneous, idealistic and quick thinking. When imbalanced they are prone to depression, worry and insomnia and tend to over-indulge. They are sensitive to cold, wind and environmental factors and usually have dry skin and thin, sparse, brittle hair. Emotional stability, warmth, consistent schedules, rest and meditation help to balance vata. With age, the vata element in everyone naturally increases, leading to dryer skin and hair.

Terms associated with vata are: dry, cold, light, windy, rough, mobile, subtle, clear and astringent. Oils for vata types (or conditions of high vata such as hyperactivity, insomnia, dryness or deficient tissues) include sesame, almond and olive. Relaxing massage is recommended.

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