What is Violet and How Do You Use It?

FR: Violette GER: Veilchen IT: Viola mammola SP: Violeta BOT: Viola odorata FAM: Violaceae

The flavour of sweet violets, which may be extracted by infusing the flowers, is sometimes used for flavouring creams, ices and liqueurs. It is the main flavouring for very sweet, violet-coloured liqueur, parfait amour. Violet flowers are preserved in sugar as crystallized violets, used mainly for decoration, but are sometimes crushed as a flavouring. The fresh flowers and the leaves are harmless and may decorate salads or garnish meat dishes, particularly veal. One violet salad is made with endive, celery, parsley, olive, and violets dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper, wine and vinegar.

Viper’s bugloss

FR: Vi perine GER: Natterkopf IT: Viperino SP: Buglosa BOT: Echium vulgare FAM: Boraginaceae

Viper’s bugloss is a common flower found on chalky soil in Europe, including the south of Britain. It is a hairy biennial growing to about two and a half feet high. The flowers are blue, although the buds are pink. This plant is in many ways similar to borage and can be used for the same purposes (particularly in iced cups), although it does not have such a pronounced cucumber flavour. Blue is not a common natural food colour, but it is sometimes useful to know a few blue flowers which are edible and can be used for decoration. Viper’s bugloss is in this category with wild chicory, violets

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