What is White Deadnettle and How Do You Use It?

Blind, Dumbor Bee Nettle, White Archangel

FR: Lamier, Ortie

GER: Taubnessel

IT: Lamio, Ortica bianca

SP: Ortiga muerta roja

BOT: Lamium album

FAM: Labiatae

ILL: Plate 13, No. 4

Purple Deadnettle FR: Lamier rouge, Ortie rouge GER: Rote Taubnessel IT: Lamio purpureo SP: Ortiga muerta roja BOT: Lamium purpureum

This is an exceedingly common hedgerow and wasteland plant in continental Europe and Britain, except in Ireland and northern Scotland. Like the other deadnettles, it looks rather like a nettle at a casual glance, but it does not sting and does not belong to the nettle family. It has white flowers and the same square stem as many labiates.

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The white deadnettle has very little of the strong aromatic quality associated with this family, but it is edible and is used in soups or as a vegetable (although it is not eaten by cattle). It is said to be sometimes cultivated in France, but is such a common weed that cultivation seems scarcely necessary.

It is mentioned in Madame Prunier’s Fish Cookery as an ingredient in eel recipes (Anguille a la flamande), though one learns from her that her chef usually substitutes mint and sorrel.

Linnaeus, the great Swedish naturalist, recorded that a close relative and, if possible, even more common garden weed, the purple or red deadnettle was boiled and eaten as a vegetable in his country.

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