Which crystals make lovely present ideas?

BEAUTIFUL AURA QUARTZ crystal clusters make lovely presents – as long as you choose ones that have a natural colour, not dyed. As the name suggests, angel aura attracts angels, as does opal aura – and the lavender-coloured amethyst aura is one of my favourites. I find this crystal highly spiritual as it takes you into a deeply meditative state instantly. For your male friends, tactile stromatolite ‘crystal balls’ would be a good choice, or a large merkaba or other geometric shape carved from ‘solid’ stones, such as fancy jasper. Before wrapping, ask that the crystal will work for your friend’s highest good.

Which crystals make lovely present ideas? Photo Gallery

Which crystal will combat the winter blues?

YOU CAN’T beat sunstone for bringing a brightening zing into winter. It’s like having your own ray of sunshine in your pocket. Or keep one on your desk to lighten up your working day. Bright yellow citrine is another blues-busting crystal, and it motivates you to start planning the projects you’ll put into action when lighter evenings return. Citrine is a good choice if you’ve got something special, like an expensive holiday, in mind for the New Year as it attracts abundance. To counteract the lack of light, gaze at a big quartz or selenite ball. The light these radiate will rid you of even the darkest mood.

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