Why passion is everything?

The founder of Welltodo Global (welltodoglobal.com), business coach and speaker explains why passion is everything.

I ’m normally up by 7am, although I’m up at 6am three days a week to do HIIT or resistance training. The most consistent thing about the start of my day is that I always do something mindful to prime myself for success, such as meditation or journaling, rather than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Then it’s a breakfast of porridge or eggs, or possibly a coffee on the run on the three days I’m heading to the Welltodo office in London for meetings with clients and my team of six who help create our content, write trend forecast reports, manage the 13 events we hold each year and run our newly launched jobs platform, Welltodo Careers. I work the other two days a week from home as a business coach to female entrepreneurs wanting to run successful businesses in the wellness industry. I love seeing people succeed by turning their passion into something that can propel their life forward and help others at the same time.’

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Although I was a country girl growing up in the outback in Australia, I was also ambitious. After leaving school, I worked full-time at one of Australia’s largest manufacturing companies while also studying for a degree in International Business. At 23, I was travelling to places you’d never visit on holiday to learn about the foundations of a strong business, including the importance of having strong mentors and support from experienced industry professionals. But my curiosity for new things got the better of me, and I decided to move to the UK six years ago. After a few uninspiring international marketing roles – and with six months left of my two-year visa – I decided that I thrived in roles of creativity and leadership. With nothing to lose, I focused my attention on the burgeoning wellness industry as that’s where my passion lay – something I hadn’t realised until I tried to find my “tribe” of people in London. Wanting to create a space where people with an interest in self-development and being a better you could come together, I set up a blog called Welltodo, writing about the wellness industry. It didn’t make any money, but I knew I could turn it into a business if I could come up with a product to sell, so I applied for an Ancestry visa to stay in the UK, and haven’t looked back.’


‘With my access to people running wellness businesses, I soon came up with the concept for our events series, bringing together a panel of inspirational entrepreneurs to share their insights on building a successful business. The first event in 2016 sold 200 tickets and featured Deliciously Ella. It went on to become one of our flagship events: The Welltodo Founder Series, and we also have an annual summit which attracts 300-400 people.

Our message is: build something, create something, turn your passion into profit. There are lots of individuals passionate about changing their body and mind but, for many, the missing link is that they wake up on a Monday morning and go to a job they hate.’ ‘My proudest moments are watching businesses come to life, such as seeing the Squirrel Sisters launching a food range after sitting in the front row of one of our events.

Giving someone the confidence to turn an idea into a reality really light’s up my world. The hardest part of owning a business is that there’s always more to be done. Some nights I work till 10pm, but on days I finish on time, I love walking and cooking dinner with my fiancé and I often like to just potter around doing life admin, such as the washing (or head for a mindless beer with friends), before heading to bed by 11pm.

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