Why Washing Up Is Good For The Soul

WASHING UPIs Good For You (£12.99, Aster), is a new book about how you can discover insight and calm in those everyday jobs around the house. With interviews and advice from psychologists and motivational speakers, you can learn how chores can be liberating, creative, soul soothing and even emotionally healing, becoming an enjoyable part of your day.

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The thinking behind the concept is that you should put a positive spin on the tasks that lay ahead. ‘How might we flip our thinking away from resisting and towards maybe even relishing the washing up, the cleaning and the cooking?’ asks the book’s main contributor Ruth Williams. ‘And what might this do for our body, our mind and our relationships?’

Among the suggestions are to use washing up as a time to still your mind; find joy in finishing all those little jobs you keep putting of, and remind yourself that less clutter means more space to be creative. If that wasn’t enough, by cleaning you get rid of negative energy and allow new, positive energy, or chi, to flow through your home. Doesn’t that pile of dirty washing look far more appealing now?

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