Yen Yoga Poses

Yen Yoga Poses

Stomach Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Receiving and ripening of food

– Controls digestion of food and water

– Begins the separation of pure from impure pure goes to storage; impure goes to waste

– Sends the energy downwards

– Keeps digestive system moist, damp and warm for optimal digestive function

Spleen (and Pancreas) Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Governs transportation and transformation of food into blood and QiQi and transports it around the body

– Controls the blood and keeps it circulating to the limbs and muscles to keep them healthy and strong

– Stores and excretes urine

– Keeps appetite strong, healthy and regular

– Allows and supports clear thinking and direction

– Keeps you grounded and feeling supported by earth Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Signs and Symptoms (Oriental medicine)

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There are people who proudly drink kombucha and carry yoga mats with a peace sign on them without the slightest hint of irony. Then there are people who rush by those people on their cell phones, trying to fit yoga in between the rest of an insanely scheduled life that includes more mudras of the middle finger than of the thumb and second finger.

You do not appreciate being told about your aura or being asked to chant om, and the smell of incense does not bring you to a good place. You may be assuming that meditation is not for you, either.

But it is.

Meditation is not just for those who refer to their gurus and rarely wear shoes. Calming your mind is a mainstream idea. It’s a way of rewiring the brain. Whether you want to meditate to retain your focus at work or just to feel the positivity you had in your younger days is up to you. Meditation does not have to be a huge time commitment.

In terms of the relaxation response, your brain is not as clever as you may think it is. It’s not able to differentiate between an experience and a thought in terms of our blood pressure, our mental state, or even our respiratory rate. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, or even dragged down by a recent emotional experience, pause. No need for a special meditation cushion or yoga mat just sit.

Take a few deep breaths and visualize a place where you’ve been easily relaxed. This may be a beach you’ve visited. This may be in bed on a Sunday morning with the paper. This may be fishing at the cottage. Your brain may fight you with this image and storm in with statements like, “I have something better to do!” Bring yourself back again and again.

Visualize yourself in that scene, serenely sitting. And even if you give yourself just two minutes with your mental picture, it’s guaranteed that within that time your blood pressure will have lowered and you’ll return to your life with more focus and more ability to handle life’s curveballs. Hairy armpits optional.

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