Yin Yang Symbols and Meaning

Create more luck and positivity in your life by touching this month’s specially charged symbol from positivity guru Dani DiPirro


Chinese Yin Yang symbol represents harmony and balance,’ says Dani DiPirro, founder of positivity coaching website PositivelyPresent. ‘It’s a reminder that making the most of the moment isn’t about every moment being perfect – it’s about learning to balance the positive and negative, and using both forces to make every day matter.

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Contemplating the Yin Yang symbol can boost luck as it boosts balance. When you’re more balanced you are more open to receive the dual forces of the world, both positive and negative. ‘When I first started my website in 2009 I was struggling to rid my life of negativity. As I worked to uncover how I could transform my life into a more positive one, I discovered the best way isn’t to remove all negativity, but to balance it; to find the good in the bad. The Yin Yang symbol is a constant reminder of that.’

PLACE TWO FINGERS (one from each hand if possible) on the two small circles. Take a deep breath in and, when you exhale, release your fingers and repeat the mantra: ‘In all things, there is balance.’ Come back to this any time you need to boost your positivity and good luck.

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