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The returning nirvanis are ourselves. We are the “Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion”.

If you think this through, significant new lines of thought and experience may open up.

The buddhic plane carries energy from the cosmic astral plane, but this energy itself carries energy from the cosmic buddhic plane. This will become increasingly the case as our Planetary Logos demonstrates as a sacred planet. Eventually this energy of cosmic buddhi will carry within it the energy of the cosmic monadic plane, and the Will of the Cosmic Logos will be known in the farthest outpost of his creation.

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In the meantime we must locate ourselves in time and space and within the three solar systems which form the personality life of the Solar Logos.

It is the energy of Love which we are most attuned to in this system, having already acquired the quality of Intelligence. We can respond dimly to the quality of Will which will come into fuller expression in the next system. We do not yet consciously respond to the fourth quality of deity and yet it is naturally and everywhere present ‘the secret light within all forms’.11 We may learn about this quality however and therefore increase our capacity to wield it consciously when the time comes for this. The following quote introduces us to this quality.

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