Yoga Accoutrements

As yoga’s popularity has soared, so has the commercialism of yoga, particularly in America. This is not to say that everyone who does yoga has yoga posters plastered across their walls or wears yoga T-shirts to class. Most people who do yoga do not have a commercial investment in it.

You can’t buy the tradition of yoga, its health benefits, or its spiritual component. These have no price tag and are not for sale. Nevertheless, there are yoga T-shirts, calendars, pranayama pillows, body and soul seminars, yoga magnets, physio balls, images, and charms to mention a mere few, all for sale. There is nothing wrong with purchasing any items related to yoga. Some are inspirational, others merely decorative, and others give us a sense of well-being. You may be inclined to purchase some of these accoutrements, which is fine.

Remember though, yoga is a practice, and you do not need to purchase anything to practice yoga. Accoutrements will not make you a better yogi or yogini. Before the advent of sticky mats and meditation pillows, people tossed a towel or blanket on the floor, folded a feather pillow to sit on, and did yoga, and many still use these ordinary props.


What Matters

That you find a teacher you like.

That you have some personal yoga goals.

That you respect your yoga teacher.

That you feel comfortable talking with your yoga teacher.

That you practice yoga at home with minimal interruptions.

What Doesn’t

Whether you travel a lot yoga is portable and can be practiced wherever you are.

The number or intensity of classes you take. If you take one class a week, you can still enhance your development by doing exercises and practicing breathing at home.

That you don’t want to attend yoga retreats.

That you opt not to practice yoga at home.

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