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A look at the history and philosophy of yoga might help Yoga apparel you to do that. Yoga History and Philosophy Yoga has been passed down from teacher to Yoga apparel pupil for thousands of years in a personal way.

Yet yoga is still singular and distinctive, easily recognizable in spite of many millions of practitioners who have lived and passed away, all without an overarching regulatory organization. Although there are many branches and approaches to yoga, its principles and practices present an integral whole.

With little or no clergy and many styles, there are historical texts and traditions that delineate what most yogis might consider to be a full yoga practice. Perhaps the best known one is the Yoga Sutra, believed to be written near the beginning of the Common Era by a physician, grammarian, and yogi named Patanjali. This text forms the basis of what is known as Classical Yoga. A later tradition known as Tantra developed in the seventh to ninth century CE, utilizing many of the same practices but with a different slant.

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