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There are many different styles of meditation with varying techniques. Yoga ball chair What is common to all is the intention to turn our attention inside and discover an untapped Yoga ball chair reservoir of ineffable understanding, peace, and joy that is within each of us. The eighth and final limb is samadhi, which is translated as enlightenment, ecstasy, absorption, or union.

In the Classical view, samadhi is achieved when we separates ourselves from the constantly changing world of everyday life in order to reach liberation. The spirit and the body are seen to be necessarily separate. Tantra philosophy promotes a very different idea of how liberation can be reached. This philosophy understands the body and mind to be our vehicle and operating system in this life, but not inferior to or separate from spirit.

Spirit is embodied and expressed as each one of us, and with this understanding, the physical yoga practice becomes an active form of meditation, a celebration of spirit, rather than a mechanical exercise leading to transcendence.

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