Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises

Yoga Ball Pregnancy Exercises

Behold the eye that holds you. Without hands, it made you. You will be its hands. Without tongue, you become its tongue. Your work is its will. If what you make your body, your love, your peace is good, it shall be looked on by gods and endure forever.97

The capacity to endure is a function of the Will. One way to determine the Will of God is to look around and see what exists. Everything that exists is being sustained one way or another consciously or unconsciously, by the Will of God. This Will is not absolute however, but differentiated in time and space. The will of the Cosmic Logos, Solar Logos and Planetary Logos are not necessarily in complete alignment which means 188 for example that energies and activities may exist within the Earth scheme that are not in alignment with the solar will. This alignment or misalignment between planetary and solar wills does not depend upon consciousness. The alignment can be unconscious, conscious or superconscious but it is still an alignment. Within consciousness there can be alignment and misalignment, which we might call the White Lodge and Black Lodge. There are also however unconscious forces of resistance and assistance as well as superconscious ones. To give but one example in the life of an individual: There may be forces of resistance in the unconsciousness of a disciple which the disciple himself tries with all his personal will to overcome and fails. In some cases that failure may be the result of the strength of these unconscious forces being reinforced by the soul itself in order to educate the zealous disciple about the gap between the true will of the soul and the will of the soul as interpreted by the disciple.

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This is a crucial point to understand in working with the will: The will does not depend upon consciousness to operate. Purpose IS whether we understand and cooperate with that Purpose or not. Being independent beings in time and space with free will, we can choose to limit the operation of that Purpose by resisting it within our sphere of activity but this does not change the Purpose, only our conscious relationship to it.

A child may place his hands over his eyes but this does not stop others from seeing him and it certainly does not make the Sun disappear. The inherent problem with the ‘we create our own reality’ philosophy arises out of the fact that there are many different levels of reality, and the greater degree of creative control we want to have over reality the smaller ring-pass-not to which we must limit ourselves.

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