Yoga Beginners and Beyond 40 Min Poses Sequence

Before you begin the sequence no Surya Namaskar a and being now come into a dough mukha Svan Asana by placing your palms on the mat tuck dojin side in hand and lift your heap while I say press your shoulder from at home Oksana son lift your right leg and step forward between two hands into parsec onus on makes your your knee and ankle align and fix your gaze at raised hand take three to five plate here not take vania’s exhale to chaturanga dand Asana inhale or Homolka swan exhale adha mukha Svan Asana not left side step left leg forward. And your left hand on the floor, if you not feel comfort you may use blogs or your place your left forearms on your left thigh in part Sioux kunis on now take minions again here exhale chaturanga inhale upward dog exhale downward or now inhale again right leg step forward left knee grounded and place your left elbow outside of your right knee. And then palms on the floor while accent wish to forgive with the bar soap honest on you spread to move deeper into the posture exhale and dressed not take many hours again repeat forever parsec onus on Raval side angle pose other side this time left leg step forward right knee grounded inhale place your right elbow against your left knee and pumps on the mat or you may again use here block and fix your gaze on rest hand keep your back leg English.

And straight while exhale twist deep slowly come back and take many hours here again now from other mukha Svan Asana inhale step right leg forward and make your leg straight in same direction and left feet in another direction for trikon Asana triangle pose keep your head aligned with you feet and both solar in one line keep chest lifted come back and take minions here now repeat triangle pose 3 konoha’s on on other side with this time left leg step forward so your feet should be three to four part apart and place your lips hand on your left leg where you feel comfort tech minions exhale inhale Broncos on exhale Adama bjarnason now again step right leg forward and turn to left side or Prasad padottan Asana catch your big toes inhale head up long spine while exhale bend forward elbow outside and more you engage your kneecap and thigh more you feel forward easley keeping gays your thigh lower belly and bend forward more indeed why in hell head up now exhale to chaturanga dand Asana inhale bordeaux mukha swan exhale atomic Asana son again step right leg forward for beer. But risen truck are one makes your your ankle and knee should be one line any making 90-degree with your thigh change the other side left leg bill podras on one now same side beer with Russian to or your to posture.

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So your chest lifted spine long and root log engage and avoid to lean forward on left side now other side right side vivid risen to stay same duties on both side and slowly inhale here while exhale chatterin in Halo or the Mooka Swan exhale adamu kishan estate to breath here nany band and be ready for cooked Ozma palms on the mat with hip width apart bend your elbow and placing your leg on tricep while exhale come into cooked Asana I’ll come back again take minions and raised here for my croissant stay 5 to 10 reb. And you scan your whole body and relax now be ready for shabbos and bring your feet together chin on the mat or head and palm side to your body inhale lift your leg solar. And head now place your palms side to your chest lifting mode now inhale udah mukha Svan Asana exhale auto mukha Svan Asana again inhale dan Dotson plank position exhale chaturanga arsonist a one-play then drop be ready for the nourison band your fourth leg catch your wrinkle while inhale lift to the Nourison you need should be HIPAA bit apart head up look up and try to relax your breath slowly drop in him take me Nia’s here again exit 202 Mukesh on a son niban and be ready for pushed rasna coming to kneeling position hands on your waist and knee rip it apart while in here along your spine chest open shoulder blade back axle place your hand on your ankle or you may support your back while in him bend drop your head back while exhale push your pelvis forward keeping is your pubic bone slowly inhale come back and take the NAS now in handy man x el jem to set leg straight forward tuck your toes inside engage your all banda no possum o Thomasin in Han hands up while exhale fold forward many while you inhale longer is fine and I axelle engage your abdominal root log can fold complete forward stretch your hand and feel the stretch on soldier stay 5 to 10 read in Passy Montana’s nuh just make yourself more relax lose your only fat and keep engage your belly and root lock slowly inhale come back cross your leg inhale lift palak’s L chattering and asthma inhale pull the mucus one exhale atoka son awesome new band.

And it’s it now Janice assassin when you’re one band your right leg and place your solo feet against your life left time inhale hands up while exhale pull forward to Janis assassin when as comfort as possible don’t force you change other side which time left solo feed against your right time exhale bend forward keep your ankle knee and thigh align engage inside more you engage your leg more your upper body easily going forward keep your abdominal Andrew clock engage jana sirs Asana especially need surrender so be effortless to get this posture again take Phineas here inhale up exhale chevron inhale portal no be ready for marriage Asana a when your right leg foot right arm around your right knee claps hand behind back inhale is fine open while exhale bend forward chin to sing keep your angling is inside you may do other way inhale up while axial twist to left side stay 3 2 Phi breath here come back and repeat other side which time bend your left leg put left arm around your left knee claps hands behind back inhale long spine while I accent abdominal log and bend forward and curling is inside and chin to sin or head clean him head up while axel Trish too right the other way to do marriage as my now come back and take penius here no jump to sate be ready for baddha kon Asana a ton solo feet apart from each other and push hell together in Haley Spanish trained by lack self or forward to. But the kon Asana a we stay five to ten Wraith here or as you feel comfort now be ready for.

But the kon Asana be keep your background it and fold forward had to fit come back and take veneers again inhale lift exhale back to chaturanga inhale oldham occur and excel at the bukas wanna sorry nany band and sit now be ready for Popovich to kon Asana catch your heel and lift your leg keep your spine straight and engage your abdominal for balancing in uber wish to kon Asana head back and toes pointed more now catch your big toes and roll back into soup the kon Asana we stayed three to four red here inhale up while accent pull forward to Popovich tikona sauna for easy forward to keep your ankle knee and thigh engage inside take vinyasa nani band exhale here and jam to por una nav Asana test your big toes and stretch your leg keep the spine straight and side to your body great here five to ten read input nav Asana petition you exhale to earth anima sana lower your body keep your chest lifted inhale again pune nav Asana variation exit chaturanga basma keen halo board momoka swan heck said domo Cashman a son noni ban and sit lie down on your back knee bend it and feet hip width apart.

And side to your body pump resting on the floor be ready for said one NASA inhale lift your pelvis exhale interlock your finger. So that you can lift more your chest and open your shoulder, if you feel comfort you may hold your ankle and lift your thigh and valve is more now say 21 the variation lifting your leg one leg up stay 3 25 right here then change other side now left leg to breathe abdominal breathing here we’ll come back now be ready for Bordeaux dhanur Asana place your palms side to your shoulder inhale and lift two bruises and risen make your bread more relax while inhale long your spine exhale pubic bones engage more and root log more engaged again second time pull over the hood ass man inhale up exhale try to relax your braids more you more your breath relax more you feel comfort inn or do the new rosna slowly come back bend your knee while axel knee to chest position upon us on we take your breath here to relax your bag now roll back to check rasna dick venience here inhale any ban while I exhale jump to paschimottan Asana fit together ankle engage kneecap I lifted in Han hands up while exhale fold forward root locking gates abdominal injuries just lose your muscles wine and relax your braids in passive athanas on this is counterbalance for Prudhoe the new rational, if you feel more tightness on your back you may do some twisting here after that you do pijama thong take venience now be ready for finishing posture new band first citizen head east end make triangle same on the mat and place your crown of the head on the mat and slowly leg is trained in hand and lift your leg engage your core.

So that you can easily lift your leg eat to hear as comfort as possible or at least 15 breath no hops it’s a sauna inhale to false assassin again keep your each muscle joint and breath relax while axial come back bend your knees and relaxing Baracus on Jaipur’s just lose each and every parts of your body. And we relax here not take vania’s again inhale to plank pose exhale chaturanga maznah in head odo MacCachren exhale Adamek Asanas on now band your knee and lie down on your mat now be ready for serving us on our solar extend inhale lift leg up on drew less hands-on back as close to shoulder as possible elbow to each other and chin to change, if comfort inhale and raise leg directly overhead you may interlock your finger and feel more opening on your shoulder moktar hasta serve an awesome now again supported serve an awesome stay here five to 15 was a breath now exhale and bring leg over your head towards flow in hal Asana interlock your finger and open your shoulder keep legs straight try to relax your breath just be witness slowly come back lower your hips and relax and so awesome now be ready for counter position of surah yasin. But the master posture lotus pose. And then inhale lift chest and bring top of the head to floor catch your big toes. And you stay five to 10 breath in mud Sasson, if you are not feeling comfort in Padma Sun then keep your leg straight and bring your palms under your hips. And then come in two months as and position open your leg and raise your leg and hand in Bhutan pod Asana. So It good posture to activate your upon and a plan come back and relax just few bread here then again be ready for check rasna or simply you take vinyasa inhale knee ban and sit sit in padm Asana, if you feel comfort do. But the padma seen here or you simply band forward inhale long is fine while exhale bend forward to yoga mudra just relax here complete surrender raise your attention on your forehead and make your breath complete relax slowly come back no sit in padm Asana by engaging your own three bond the root log odeon bundle abdominal lock and chin or is jalandhar bundle and do deep with everything here now be ready for youthful ooty uprooting pres bomb to floor still in full Lotus in hand lift of floor Nisa guess fix at nose on the sacristy hold five to fifteen red here come back and lie down for final so awesome bring feet 2220 is apart arms at your side a few inches away from the door so palms up and watch you several bread here surrender the full weight of your body do gravity make your each and every part more relaxed rest your awareness on your breath. And just be relax relax and relax.

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