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Sneezing and coughing

Sneezing and coughing are reactive processes that serve for the purification of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Sneezing is caused by the irritation of the nasal mucous membrane through foreign particles or changes in the blood vessels of the nasal mucous membranes. Thereby it first comes to a deep inhalation, then the mouth cavity and larynx are closed towards the nose through the soft palate; it is followed by an explosive, nearly uncontrollable exhalation. The sneezing releases from physical and emotional pressure, it restores our well-being and refreshes us.

The tension increases, the urge becomes great – just be still!

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Look out! – Soon it will erupt!

Hatschoo! Whoever snuffs and hears this, will find it enviable.

Because what unveils the soul with a hollow sound, suddenly makes cheerful, clear and mild. Yes. – The pinch cheers our spirit greatly, provided that one also sneezes!

The health-promoting importance of sneezing with the help of snuff is also mentioned in the chapter on Cleaning the nose.

Through coughing you clean the lower respiratory tract and the lungs. With coughing we first inhale deeply, the larynx is closed through the glottis; the exhalation muscles become tense, whereby the pressure in the lungs increases. Now there is a cough impulse, which opens the glottis closure and sweeps away foreign particles from the windpipe, bronchi and lungs. A releasing productive cough should therefore not be suppressed, as it serves as an important physiological purification process of improved mucous excretion.

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